A3 Digital Printing Perfect Binding Booklets

  • 以上書刊可使用128g光粉、157g光粉、128g啞粉、157g啞粉以及100g書紙。
  • 上載的印刷檔案格式必需為PDF。
  • 上載檔案需時,請不要重複按鍵。請留意瀏覽器左下方的上傳狀態,並耐心等待。
  • 如來稿檔案色彩為RGB或專色,色彩模式會自動轉為CMYK四色,色彩或會出現偏差。
  • 數碼印刷基本做稿要求與普通柯式印刷無異,如客人不熟悉做稿要求,歡迎致電本公司查詢。
  • 每張訂單的印刷數量最多為100本。如所需產品超出100本,請分兩次下單。
  • 48小時指貨物的製作期,恕不包括送貨時間。
  • 如需送貨,運費如下:香港及九龍區HK$100.00、新界區HK$180.00。(送貨服務只限工商業區,恕不包括住宅及學校)。
  • The above booklets can be used with 128gsm/157gsm/128gsm matt/157gsm matt paper and 100gsm woodfree paper .
  • The output file to be uploaded must be in PDF format.
  • When uploading the output file, please "DO NOT" repeat pressing the button.  Please be patient and note the uploading status at the bottom of left browser.
  • If the incoming output file in RGB format or with Pantone colour, the colour will automatically be converted to CMYK four-colour. There may be some deviation in the colour.
  • The basic requirements of digital printing artwork is same as ordinary offset printing. If unfamiliar with the requirements, please call us for further assistances.
  • The printing ordering quantity per order is up to 100 pcs. If the ordering quantity exceeds 100 pcs, please separate the quantity into two orders.
  • 48 hours refers to the production lead time and it doesn't including the delivery time.
  • Delivery charge : Hong Kong and Kowloon District HK $ 100.00, New Territories District HK $ 180.00. (Delivery service only for commercial and industrial areas, excluding residential and school).